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SMOKIN’ BONES is a gourmet dog treat company that provides smoked beef jerky, pepperoni, liver sticks, bullies, bones and toys that dogs can’t resist. Located in Puslinch, Ontario, we strive to provide natural and healthy treats that dogs love, with amazing flavour. The boss of our company is our golden retriever, Winston. His assistant, Tasha, completes all the business transactions. He hired her because his paws struggled with the keyboard. Winston is mainly responsible for quality control and sampling to ensure everything is perfect for our customers.

Our name was inspired by the amazing aroma of the main products we sell that are all smoked for 42 hours with real hardwood sawdust in old fashioned smokehouses. While being smoked, they are slow cooked, which ensures that the bones are not brittle and the integrity is intact. They are low fat, high protein and a great chew treat that is also affordable. Your dog will drool for our products and so will you, as they smell like barbeque ribs, unlike many of the products found in the stores. I assure you, your dog will think they are SMOKIN’!

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